Marketing Tips

  • ConnectAd

    Introducing ConnectAd РConnect Ad changes the way brands advertise in the UGC and social environment.

  • CMOs Biggest Challenge

    The biggest challenge for those responsible for marketing organizations today is addressing the consumer transformation from traditional to online.

  • How to manage new media options with channel partners

    Consumers and the media they use have changed dramatically in the last 10 years. It would “marketing malpractice” to not have open conversations with your channel about the pros and cons of different options. Realize that dealers will have many questions about new media terms and approaches. They’re looking to you and your team as a trusted resource.

  • Changing Consumer Behavior and Implications for SEO & SEM Campaigns

    Consumer behavior has changed with the continuing updates by Google and mobile devices. Eye tracking studies show different behaviors which have implications for SEO and SEM (PPC) campaigns.

  • Why do co-op programs lag so far behind in offering digital opportunities?

    Any new media or idea must provide advantages to all parties in the ecosystem where it lives, or else it won’t be adopted. We saw this in the late 1990’s with digital print. Printers didn’t want to decrease the volume on their offset presses. Agencies said it was more difficult to create variable campaigns. Clients looked at cost per page which was higher early on. It wasn’t until each player in the ecosystem saw a benefit that it began to take off.

  • How consumer online shopping trends impact your channel partners

    Consumer behavior has changed tremendously in the last 10 to 15 years because of the internet. This has happened on two levels. First: Internet only sales. This is what most people think about. This number has grown, but isn’t the driving force that many thought it would be. Most sales are still made at retail. The second is Internet Influenced Sales. This is the surprising number and one that belies the real power of the web.

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